Thursday, July 10, 2008

Short Films You Must See: Bruce Conner Collection

Per request from the Conner family, the Bruce Conner short films I previously embedded have been removed from the site. In order to respect the wishes of his family, the videos have been removed; this post, however, will remain. Bruce Conner's body of work which one which all experimental film fans should be familiar with, and one of crucial importance. His collection is, most certainly, a set of short films you must see.


Brandon Colvin said...

Okay. I'm convinced.

Bruce Conner was a badass.

Steven Fama said...

Thank you for appreciating the work of Bruce Conner.

The copyright holder for Conner's movies -- that is, Jean, his wife and widow -- requests and demands that all these embedded videos be removed from you blog. Bruce was adamant that his films should not be shown or seen on-line. Jean shares this view, and has asked that I take the necessary action to remove all such postings.

Again, thank you for remembering and appreciating Bruce's work, and your anticipated prompt cooperation regarding this request.

Steven Fama