Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DVD Release of "The Long Day Closes"!

Great news tonight that Terence Davies' masterpiece The Long Day Closes is being released on DVD. I was literally preparing a post to use The Long Day Closes as a Forgotten VHS entry and discovered that the film is soon to be released, albeit a Region 2 disc, which I know does not work for everyone. (Why don't you all have region free players yet!?) His latest film, Of Time and The City, was a well received at Cannes this year, so maybe that with a set of DVD releases will help bring his work to a wider worldwide audience. The Long Day Closes is a great place to start for those who can get it, and the BFI release should be excellent. Here is a wonderful article from Reverse Shot on the film. Make sure to check out the article, but especially the film, if you get are capable!

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