Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lynch Week- We Are All Made of Lynch

As devised in the comments yesterday, today we highlight the work of other writers around the internets who have also shown an outpouring of critical dedication to the work of David Lynch. I would love for this to be a monumental link list of a ton of critical writing on Lynch, so if you have written a piece that you would like included on this list, send me an email at and I'll be happy to add it to this Lynch link roll. Thanks especially to all the new visitors to the site. We all really hope you'll stick around and become regulars!

There is at least one more Lynch post on the way this evening tomorrow, focusing on some major questions that are predominant in INLAND EMPIRE, and there may be a couple more next week as we unofficially extend the week. There won't be Lynch every day but there is certainly plenty left to talk about.

Let's start the roll of great Lynch writing after the break. For posterity's sake (and in case people run across this post at a later date without finding the other articles), I am including what we have written this week as well as the other Lynch writing that is out there. Once we get more and more links added, perhaps I'll restructure this and separate the links into the specific Lynch work. Let's make that happen! Send me your links!

James Hansen- Mulholland Drive Is Cinema

Chuck Williamson- Commercials As Art?

Jacob Shoaf- Hear The Call of Eraserhead

Brandon Colvin- Inhabited By Intuition (On Twin Peaks)

Out 1 Film Journal- INLAND EMPIRE Discussion

Thomas Britt @ Bright Light FJ- Death, Excess, and Discontinuity (on Lost Highway)

Tony Dayoub @ Cinema Viewfinder- Review of the new DVD of Lost Highway

Ed Howard @ Only The Cinema- Films I Love: Mulholland Drive

Erich Kuersten @ Acidemic- The First David Lynch movie? The Story of Temple Drake (1933)

Erich Kuersten @ Bright Lights FJ- Book Review of The Impossible David Lynch

Jeremy Richey @ Moon in the Gutter- The Last Crush (Memories of Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks

MovieMan0283 @ The Dancing Image- Individual Analysis of the majority of episodes in Twin's really an amazing undertaking

MovieMan0283- Blue Velvet

Movieman0283- Lost Highway

Movieman0283- Inland Empire

Nathaniel Rogers @ The Film Experience- Kissing Betty/Diane


Joel Bocko said...

Thanks for the mention; I wish I could have participated in this week "real-time" but I'm making my way backwards across your entries & over the next few days. Glad to here it will extend beyond the literal "week."

If you could, link up my essays on Blue Velvet, Inland Empire, and Lost Highway:

Feel free to delete this comment if, after linking, it seems redundant.

By the way, whenever I reactivate Netflix (it keeps getting pushed back) I have Lynch's experimental shorts pretty high in one of my queues, and I will definitely link up to you guys in that entry.

James Hansen said...

Thanks for the other posts Movie Man. I thought you had written more but had some trouble finding them. Stupid Blogspot. Anyways, please comment on the others. I'm sure we'll all be around to answer.

The Lynch shorts are really solid. I wish one of us had time to write about it this week, but we actually decided on doing this week pretty last minute (shhhh...don't tell!) so we don't have as much as we could have. I'd love to see some more writing on them though.

Joel Bocko said...

Man, he looks so youthful in that picture, doesn't he?