Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Overrated Film Poll

In celebration of a new year of movies and the upcoming awards season, it is time to reflect on the year of movies that has passed. While we all rush out to try and piece together top ten lists (expect to see ours in a couple weeks...gotta give us time to see everything!), at the same time we can look at the movies wwe expected a lot out of that didn't quite deliver. The new poll is to vote for the most overrated film of 2007. Feel free to use the comments section of this post to lobby, explain, and argue before the final vote is tallied on January 15th.

Happy election season and happy new year!


Anonymous said...

I voted "other", but the film that made me select that was "Lady Chatterley". It was long and boring. I have no idea how it won so many C├ęsar awards. Thankfully I double-featured that with "Pierrot le Fou" or I might not have made it through the day.

Brandon Colvin said...

Yeah, "Lady Chatterley" was terrible. I left the theater, leaving poor Jacob all alone.

I also fell asleep during "Sweeney Todd," so I voted for that.

James Hansen said...

Fell asleep during "Sweeney Todd"! Why, Brandon, why!? I am starting to think my love may have had a lot to do with my adoration for the show. Who knows. Are there people who don't know the show who loved the movie out there?