Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Out 1 "Overrated Film Poll" Results

Out 1's poll for the most overrated film of the year has officially ended. There seems to be vast disagreement over what the most overrated film is with none of the films thoroughly running away with the contest. Nonetheless, the year's most "acclaimed" comedies have taken the cake. Thanks to everyone for voting! We had more than twice as many people vote in this poll than our first poll, and our hits have continued to go up. Thank you all so much for spreading the word for Out 1! Let's keep that going! Also, for those of you who voted for other...let us know what those films are in the comments section. Always important to get all the different perspectives!

What was the most overrated film of 2007?

No Country For Old Men
3 (7%)
Diving Bell and the Butterfly
3 (7%)
1 (2%)
Eastern Promises
1 (2%)
Into the Wild
5 (12%)
1 (2%)
Sweeney Todd
5 (12%)
1 (2%)
The Apatow Train (Knocked Up, Superbad, Walk Hard)
7 (17%)
6 (15%)
4 (10%)
No Film Was Vastly Overrated
2 (5%)

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