Friday, January 4, 2008

The Best Scene of the Year: Richard Kelly's Southland Tales

I know there are many of you who are anxiously awaiting a review of There Will Be Blood, as my grade for it went up last weekend when I saw it, but I have decided to see it again before I write anything definitively about it. Plus, unless you live in New York, LA, or Chicago (maybe), there has been no chance to see the film yet. I will do my very best to avoid spoilers in the review for those of you who have to wait to see it. Once it is in a wide release, we may do a second review talking more specifically about the issues within the film, which require talking about the plot and events in the film.

That's a preview of what is to come (as well as the Out 1 Top 10 Lists, expected on or around Martin Luther King Jr. day), but I decided to post my favorite single scene out of any film this year. For its subversively hysterical beauty, I give you the best scene of the year from one of the year's best films:  Richard Kelly's Southland Tales.


Anonymous said...

I think that clip really apotheosizes everything I've read about Southland Tales thus far -- that it's nothing but a collection of startling sequences slapped together in a messy, overambitious, underwhelming, haphazardly arranged film. But, nonetheless, the scene is very stylish, a sort of Busby Berkley take on the MTV generation (late 80s/early 90s era).

Brandon Colvin said...

This film just left Lexington and I missed it. I want to cry.