Friday, October 3, 2008

Darren Aronofsky Poll Results

Thanks to everyone for voting in our most recent poll selecting your favorite Darren Aronofsky film so far. The poll was inspired by Aronofsky's soon to be released new film The Wrestler, which is the Closing Night film at this year's New York Film Festival. I saw the film this week and, to really get the buzz really going, I have to say that The Wrestler is his most simple, straight-forward film but also his strongest. (Note that I voted for Pi in the poll as I find Requiem to be a one-time, one-trick pony and The Fountain totally ridiculous. I'm not saying that to knock The Wrestler though. Just admitting that I have liked simple more than flashy Aronofsky, and that trend for me here.) I'll save further analysis and discussion for my NYFF write-up and for when the film opens in wide release December 19th. I don't want to raise everyone's expectations too much, but The Wrestler is, without a doubt, one of the strongest American movies this year and should be a sure-fire Oscar contender.

Now on with the poll results! It was surprising to me how well The Fountain did in the poll (almost pulling a major upset!) Apparently many of them film's (small number of) advocates are dedicated readers here! Or am I just being mean? Do more people out there like The Fountain than I think? Even though I don't like that film at all, I'm glad you are all here reading and voting! We had one big time lover and hater of Aronofsky, which are always fun votes to see as well. Anyways, I'll stop explaining the results. You can see them yourself after the break.


Pi- 8 (20%)

Requiem for a Dream- 16 (41%)

The Fountain- 13 (33%)

I don't like any of them- 1 (2%)

I love all of them- 1 (2%)


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty large voter turnout! Awesome to see the site expanding, and I am very excited to hear about your experience at the NYFF!

Hang in there, you sound like you're balancing a ton.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit. I've avoided watching The Fountain for ages now -- didn't watch it in theaters because of the reviews, and didn't watch it on DVD because, well, I hardly have time for moviegoing these days (goddamn it!). But this sudden surge in popularity has certainly made me curious.

Oh, and I voted for Requiem. Ass to ass, indeed.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

I'm glad to see THE FOUNTAIN did so well as it's one of my favorites from the past few years. Can't wait for THE WRESTLER...really can't wait. I just voted in the new poll...stop over and give a vote in this week's John Carpenter poll over at Moon in the Gutter, and keep up the great work here.