Sunday, November 2, 2008

Anticipated Winter Films Poll

Thanks to everyone for voting in our most recent poll regarding which films you are most looking forward to this winter. Its the most votes we have ever had for a poll! Although lots of people are saying this is a weak year for film (and I tend to agree as far as American cinema has gone) but it can turn around very quickly with the release of some of these films this winter, assuming that they don't get pushed back. Now that several other films have popped to prominence, some titles are notably absent, but this covers the bulk of the mainstream fare. I'm not really surprised by the films with the most votes, but was a bit surprised by the lack of votes for several Hollywood films that have some significant buzz. Just says something about our readership...and its something I am quite happy about. Thanks again for voting! On with the results!

Which films that open this winter are you most looking forward to?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- 31 (54%)

The Wrestler- 30 (52%)

Milk- 24 (42%)

Che- 20 (35%)

Synedoche, New York- 20 (35%)

The Road- 17 (29%)

W.- 16 (28%)

Australia- 14 (24%)

Quantum of Solace- 12 (21%)

Revolutionary Road- 9 (15%)

Changeling- 8 (14%)

Doubt- 6 (10%)

Frost/Nixon- 6 (10%)

Slumdog Millionaire- 5 (8%)

Valkyrie- 5 (8%)

Total number of votes: 57


Anonymous said...

While their are many votes, I must confess I voted for several titles.

This guys a cheater.

James Hansen said...

Its 57 different unique voters. If you vote for multiple films (as you should have for this poll, assuming MILK isn't the only film on here you want to see), it still counts as "one vote" in the number of voters. So, no worries on being a away!

Anonymous said...

Oh...well awesome then.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how only five people are interested in Valkyrie. Does no one realize that Tom Cruise is involved in HIGH TREASON?!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised AUSTRALIA is up that high. I thought that trailer was awful, but then I'm not much of a Luhrmann man.

Joel Bocko said...

Is it just your readership, or is the public as a whole just not interested in Hollywood films other than as mindless diversions - and right now they have better diversions on hand? God, I hope so. I understand the American film industry had some good years after being deflated mid-decade but they need to have their self-importance punctured some more. Maybe then, we'll get movies that actually deserve attention?

(By the way, my political series over, I am back up and running; a review of The Magnificent Ambersons has just been posted.)