Thursday, September 18, 2008

NYFF 2008 Coverage Poll

Hey everyone! Before I start my coverage of the New York Film Festival, whose press screenings started this week and I am lucky enough to be able to attend, I wanted to hear from all of you about what kind of coverage you would like to see. Although doing individual reviews of all the films I see will be quite impossible (there are 28 features in the main slate and I plan on seeing most of them), I am happy to aim to do more of individual reviews if that is what you all would rather see. Please vote in the poll as soon as possible, as I have already been to three screenings and am going toa fourth this afternoon. The first post of my coverage should be up on Friday. Also, feel free to look at the lineup online and request specific reviews that you would like to see. I'd be happy to oblige to writing about some of the films you most want to hear about.

Thanks to everyone in advance for voting! I just want to make sure that we target the site to your interests and make the festival coverage as solid as possible, without giving away everything before some of the films open up nationwide.



Brandon Colvin said...

Please go to the "Film Criticism in Crisis" panel and tell me what happens.

James Hansen said...

I'll see what I can do. They don't do a press version of that, unfortunately, but I am gonna try and go if I can find the time. The new issue of Cineaste goes into it pretty thoroughly, and has interviews with a couple people on the panel. It's worth looking at if you haven't seen it yet.