Monday, June 23, 2008

"Friday the 13th" Poll Results

Thanks all for voting in the Friday the 13th poll. Hopefully we keep getting more voters in all of these polls. There was quite a split in this one, which is pretty interesting. I guess the series is a love it or hate it/wanted to see it or didn't care to see it kind of thing. Thanks again for voting!


None- 6 (27%)

1-2- 3 (13%)

3-4- 2 (9%)

5-6- 4 (18%)

9-10- 1 (4%)

All of them!!!- 6 (27%)


Nostalgia Kinky said...

I was in the 'seen them all' listing. I love the first four (few films make me more nostalgic) and the rest were hit and miss at best. For me the series belongs to that period in the early eighties and it lost it's footing once it moved away from it.
Saw the original several years back again at a midnight showing and it was an absolute blast...packed house, scratchy print and plenty of screams and laughs.

James Hansen said...

I was in the 5-6 range, having seen 1 and 2 and then some scattered ones, especially those more recently. I always meant to see the whole series...Jason may be my favorite horror character, at least on face (that was a pun...)... I'd love to see some of them as a midnight series. That would be fabulous.

Thanks for the post, Jeremy! I am totally jealous of your "Friday the 13th" experiences!

Unknown said...

I think Part 3 is my fave if only because of the 3D novelty. I can remember when it came out, in the backpages of STARLOG magazine you could buy a 3D version of the movie poster with Jason swinging a machete through a window. Man, I'd love to have that poster now...