Saturday, December 29, 2007

Out 1 "Golden Globes Poll" Results

The first poll conducted here at Out 1 poll recently finished and, although we didn't have a load of people vote, for those of you who voted we really appreciate it. Please keep on voting whenever the polls go up. Also, let us know in the comments section if you enjoy having polls or if you would rather just come here to do some great reading. We are nearing our 1000th hit since the site started just a few months ago! We are working to make this the best site possible and your feedback will help get it that way! Thanks again to all who voted and keep getting the Out 1 name out there so we can have an incredible 2008!

Which of these films not nominated for Best Picture in the Golden Globes was most deserving?

6 (33%)
I'm Not There
3 (16%)
Away From Her
4 (22%)
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
2 (11%)
Assassination of Jesse James
By The Coward Robert Ford
3 (16%)

1 comment:

Brandon Colvin said...

Woohoo for Zodiac!

I've got quite a few films to get through before I've got a Top Ten ready, but I think it's safe to say "Zodiac" will be in there.

Maybe we should do a poll on which film will win Best Drama and then a poll on which film will win Best Musical/Comedy. Also, how about Most Overrated Film of the Year?