Monday, December 17, 2007

Godard, Bordwell, and the Cinematic Image

We usually stick to writing our own stuff around here, but I felt compelled to post a link and let everyone know about a fascinating article written on David Bordwell's blog. Bordwell should be familiar to most everyone (and if he isn't, start asking for some of his books for Christmas) and although I don't always agree with his perspective on things, his blog continues to be one of the most insightful ones I have found on the web. His most recent post about Jean Luc Godard and the cropping of his films aspect ratios. The case is very pertinent considering the DVD releases we receive today and the images that we are being shown with no validation as to what format they should actually be shown on. More than just a fascinating article on Godard, Bordwell gives some major insights into what we should expect of the cinematic image and provides a constant questioning of the images that we receive.

I encourage everyone to check out Bordwell's blog, and specifically this new entry if you are interested in Godard or the importance of the correct aspect ratios and the cinematic image.

Happy holiday season!

-James Hansen

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