Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wikio Film Blog Rankings- October 2009

Here they are ladies and gents! Another sneak at Wikios blog rankings for October 2009. Thanks to Wikio for continuing this great service and to all these top sites for their work and dedication amid venture where it is often hard to stick with it.

2Deadline Hollywood Daily
3MTV Movies Blog
7Film School Rejects
8Cartoon Brew
9Trek Movie Report
10Some Came Running
11The House Next Door
12Shooting Down Pictures
13Cinema Styles
14Upcoming Pixar
15GreenCine Daily
16Observations on Film Art
17Only The Cinema
18The Evening Class
19Film for the Soul
20Edward Copeland on Film
21Ferdy on Films, etc.
23Coffee Coffee and More Coffee
24Out 1
25The Film Doctor
26Big Media Vandalism
27The IFC Blog
28Mayerson on Animation
30Movie City Indie

Ranking by Wikio

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