Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Harmony Korine's "Trash Humpers" Trailer?

Not exactly sure what this is, but here is...umm...something from the NYFF (and Toronto) selection.


Chuck W said...

When I was in college, I was actually panhandled by one of the "actors" from Gummo. True story.

And even though I have a passive-aggressive relationship with Harmony Korine's movies (absolutely loathe them on one level, but can't help but admire their balls-out audacity), I can safely say that I've never been bored by any of them.

As for the trailer... um... it looks... interesting?

Steve Langton said...

Well.... that certainly was a teaser. "Trash Humpers" is being shown during the London Film Festival next month. Lucky enough to see Kornine's "Julien Donkey Boy" at the fest, some years ago and rate it highly. Wonder what we'll make of this one?

Like Chuck, I admire Korine for his sheer bottle. Shame he never got to complete "Fight", or whatever its working title was.

Chuck W said...

Adam R. said...

That minute-length clip looks striking, and is certainly effectively off-putting/creepy, but pursued at feature-length, won't this just be an extended Paul McCarthy rip-off?

The first trailer, with its dated video bleed effects, was an eye-opener though. I'm intriguied.

You guys run a great film blog by the way...I've visited often but never commented before.

James Hansen said...

Adam- Thanks for the comment. Feel free to do so anytime! We love comments! :-)

The reaction of this out of Toronto has been crazy mixed, as you might expect. Dennis Lim has a really nice write up in the new Cinema Scope. Personally, I'm pretty damn excited. At the very least, it will shake people up. Better than a clean, complacent movie any day of the week.