Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sneak of August 2009 Wikio Top 30 Film Blog Rankings

After the break, you can see the Wikio Blog Rankings for the month of August. We are lucky enough to have been an exclusive preview of the rankings once again, and are thrilled to share them a day early with our readers! I love seeing more and more of our friends and readers own sites appear on here, as WIkio remains an extraordinary resource for finding and tracking the most important sites out there.

Thanks to Wikio and on with the rankings!

2Deadline Hollywood Daily
3MTV Movies Blog
6Film School Rejects
8Cartoon Brew
9Trek Movie Report
10The House Next Door
11Cinema Styles
12GreenCine Daily
13Some Came Running
14Film for the Soul
15Upcoming Pixar
16Shooting Down Pictures
17Ferdy on Films, etc.
18Edward Copeland on Film
19Fin de Cinema
21The Evening Class
22Coffee Coffee and More Coffee
23The Film Doctor
24Out 1
25Mayerson on Animation
26Observations on Film Art
272719 Hyperion
28Movie City Indie
29Nick's Flick Picks

Ranking by Wikio.


Brandon Colvin said...

We are ranked above David Bordwell.

Something isn't right in the universe.

James Hansen said...

Well, its hard to compete with young geniuses. Its also hard to compete when you only make two posts a month...even if you are David Bordwell. The online universe is a strange place.

T.S. said...

Haha, indeed, the online community is a strange place, but kudos to you all for the hard work you do here and the accomplishments, reflect in your standing. Your mention of Wikio a few months ago prompted me to submit my own for indexing, so thanks.

James Hansen said...

Glad you are on there now, TS. Its a great resource.