Saturday, February 7, 2009

David Lynch Features Poll Results

Thanks to everyone for voting in our most recent (and wildly successful) poll. This is by far the most votes we have ever had in a poll here. We want to thank everyone for coming to the site and voting, and we all truly hope you'll stick around and keep coming back to see what we have to offer. Lynch is certainly one of the major directors who has influenced and inspired each of the writers at this site. So many of his movies have been so great, so I know many people had a tough time picking just one of these features. In the end, though, it was Lynch's last filmic feature that ran away with this poll. Thanks to everyone and on with the poll results!

Which is your favorite David Lynch feature?

Eraserhead- 14 (10%)

The Elephant Man- 2 (1%)

Dune- 5 (3%)

Blue Velvet- 24 (18%)

Wild At Heart- 1 (0%)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me- 3 (2%)

Lost Highway- 10 (7%)

The Straight Story- 7 (5%)

Mulholland Drive
- 49 (37%)

Inland Empire- 16 (12%)

Total number of votes: 131


Brandon Colvin said...

Just sayin . . . I'm pretty sure MULHOLLAND DR. was not his last feature, even though it did run away with the poll. I'm assuming that sentence was an accident. Haha.

James Hansen said...

Its not an accident, but I meant to highlight the word FILM in there. Its his last filmic feature (i.e. feature FILM). Inland Empire is, in fact, a video. Maybe I'm a format nerd, but thats what I was implying.

Brandon Colvin said...

AHHHHH. I get it. Haha.

PIPER said...

The numbers don't lie. That's probably where I would fall.

Although I would give some more love to Dune. It's a mess of a film, but I still love it. And knowing Lynch's career now, I love that he made it.

Rb said...

I'm actually very disappointed that Wild at Heart didn't receive more votes. This does go to show that David Lynch is still relevant and should be making more films! Also, if there are any budding filmmakers on here, please check out my blog. Thanks!